Writing / Poetry / Performance Texts



Starting on platforms in ROOM 1, all performers begin to sing accumulative “Irresolution” 

2. “THE RESEARCH SISTER” definition read as a monologue in unison by all performers.

3. “AUTONOMOUS TOGETHER” The four paragraphs read are read by four different performers to four groups in separate rooms varying the origin/order. This would separate the audience into four different groups until they are led to a single room for:

 4. “THE THINKER” Paragraph is written and projected simultaneously on an overhead projector. Everyone is led to this location of live writing by single vocalist swinging a book and LED lantern.

5. “A WAVE OF OTHER WAVES” All the performers get together in a circle and start naming names of people who have inspired them over their lifetimes. The audience is invited to also say the names of people who have inspired them.

6. “UNCOUNTED” three people with bluetooth speakers attached in their pony tails read an excerpt through vocoder app on their phones while walking together.

7. “UNNAMED” Every Ocean Hughes voice is played on several cell phones at once across the gallery for five minutes.

8. “FLIP THE PAINTING” Colin walks along a wall singing, printing text with a rented handjet while walking.

9. “TRANSITION” In the theater the ensemble of actors/performers begin dancing and screaming along to Up The Ante playing through a PA. The lanterns and books are swung wildly as performers jump and dance around.

10. “DIFFERENCE” A single voice sings legato solo in another room while a circle of performers drag books around her

11. “WORLDING WORLDS” A big projection of Ursula K Le Guin’s quote appears projected on the largest wall of JSC.

12. “FOR JOY” a circle of performers throw a lantern into the center of a circle for this game.

13. “MAKING KIN” After the lantern is turned off, Donna’s voice is heard playing downstairs (or in another room). The performers lead the audience downstairs to sit and listen in the darkness together.

14. “FOREVER IN TRANSITION” A final all-unison monologue recited by everyone outside the doors of JSC.

15. “A WAVE OF OTHER WAVES” is sung over and over as everyone disperses further and further out into Berlin until they can’t see the building they came from. Some people go all the way to the Coca Cola sign.