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1. Elation I
2. Telling
3. Aflame
4. The Illness ft. Raul De Nieves
5. Collapse (Bronze Trope)
6. Court III
7. Key of Life (for Klaus Nomi) ft. Michael Beharie
8. Gold ft. Michael Beharie
9. Eternal
10. Exercise IV ft. David Serotte
11. Triton (Silver Trope)
12. Passages

Duration: 59:48

All songs written, composed, and produced by Colin Self, except
Telling, co-produced with Nick Weiss
The Illness, co-written with Raul De Nieves
on Gold and Key of Life, Michael Beharie wrote guitar
Key of Life was composed by Klaus Nomi
ELATION is a cognitive software album on USB containing music from The Elation Series, a sequential six-part trans-feminist opera series.



Record Release held at Otherwild
1932 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026 on April 30th, 2015.

New York Record release held at Secret Project Robot
389 Melrose St, Brooklyn, NY 11237on June 3rd, 2015.


For the listening of this album, we invite you to take an hour long walk while listening to ELATION in it’s entirety.
ELATION contains music from The Elation Series, a highly collaborative opera series Colin Self started in 2011 about shared consciousness, transmutation, cognitive agency, and cybernetics.

On Wednesday June 3rd at 7PM EST, you are invited to take an hour long walk while listening to ELATION in full. A streaming 60-minute track will be posted for listening here.

During the course of this hour, you are invited to join us on an hour-long walk while we listen to the album in full together on headphones. The map of pathway, more information, and listening link will all be posted here for participation.

Bring your own electronic device with streaming capabilities and headphones. We will talk together as a group.

Installation materials include a phone or device with streaming capabilities and headphones.

Cognitive Programming Installation Instructions

1. Choose a pathway that will take you an hour to complete, preferably a path with minimal distraction.

2. Press play and begin to travel your designated path. If you are not mobile, feel free to designate a location that feels appropriate for your physical body to experience this hour-long recording.

4. Walk for 60 minutes while actively engaging your attention towards listening. Consider this hour to be a practice in deep listening. The album is a meditation, utilizing the track and it’s compositional forms to create and designate your own cognitive space.

5. At this album, your program installation is complete.


“Hello and welcome to Elation, a cognitive resistance program in the form of digital audio. Elation is designed to help designate cognitive space for you as the operator of your own mind, to withstand cognitive co-option taking siege on the attention economy of the general public.

To install this program, you will walk for the duration of this long-play format from your assigned entry point to the designated destination found in the instructional text included within this program. 

Elation is a program developed through the meditative communion of several communities, and seeks to grant you agency as the listener, to challenge the relationship you have between your physical body and the technological bodies you create through other software programs. 

This program is released in 2015 at the advent of an acceleration phase in human consciousness. Once you are finished installing cognitive software, the future of this program is in your hands to do as you please. You can share, edit, delete, or remix the files in this program, or choose to do nothing.

If I, the programmer could ask of you one thing, it would be to stand up against systems of cognitive violence, and encourage you to become a cognitive warrior, fighting for the future of our minds. Thank you for your time, and enjoy.”

A special thanks to Michael Beharie, Raul De Nieves, Nick Weiss, Gordon Hall, Brian McCorkle, K8 Hardy, AK Burns, Lisa Kori, McSherry, Mz Williamz, Alex Drewchin, Mehron Abdollmohammadi, Tamaryn Brown, David Serrote, Aaron Dicks, Joey Teeling, Luke Howlin, Cheno Pinter, Richard Kennedy, Jake Ludwig, Molly Ryan, Andy Kuncl, Stephen Wood, Martine Syms, Sarah Gottesdiener, Rachel Lord, Tyler Matthew Oyer, Genevieve Belleveau, Travis Egedy, Sasha Desree, Sofia Wickman, Zohra Atash, Rogelio Ramos, Michael Churven, Lauren Bousfield, Magaret Haines, Lee Relvas, Steven Frost, Seth Gottesdiener, Xena Semjonova, Rene Kladzyk, Athena Llewellyn, Bailey Stiles, Sam Banks, Hari Nef, John Swartz, Daniel Wallace, Josh Pavlacky, Liza Paap, Bradford Nordeen, Issue Project Room, MoMA PS1, REDCAT, Randy Magazine, Outfest,  and everyone involved in The Elation Series.

For Mark Aguhar


New York Listening Map:

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Los Angeles Listening Map:


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