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Cordial diplomacy (Out!), 2009

Amy the slip queen bit some regal shit before amplifying the ratio of a gratify grove. In fact she cancels TV shows for a living, pissing off randos the way pancreatic cancers come onto dads unexpectedly in South Wales, in the deleted scenes of grey gardens where Angelica Houston bore a secret handy-note, calligraphy initiators slapping it up on the side of an ugly bitch train ( nonetheless, one I would never ride ). “Anything else need canceling?” Amy protrudes a vitality stick out of her cabin out of her skin out of her vague vague vagine, licking its brass edge before taking a soft nibble and swallowing it. She knows she’s having sea food later and those flavors will mesh. “If I could just write a god damn list one more time” she slumps in her basket, baked within a convex neoprene off-white canopy.

Her pen waits with aimlessness. Her publicist calls Italy. The phone rang. Her dog swallowed an earring. Aesop Rocky sold his China set gifted to him by Peggy Guggenheim after the second television series on “Futurist trans fiend Tay Stacker” debuted on Scandinavian public access television and re-enflamed the gravitational anxiety Amy associated with Darn Sally Files, a biopic discipline program released on government-issued authenticity topics relating to Gender studies professors who had moved onward into biotechnology. Amy bought the magazine that interviewed Tallis Greer, a name-sake fortune of identity politics linked back to the Aegis Flow, a p2p program from the vitality program that tracked cordial taxonomies of sexting into the New Tome Time frame.

Cis cape cod alimony members are traditionalists but that ain’t none of my business.