ELATION III (Sinister Backbend)

Performance, Sculpture, Installation, 2012

As our collective psychic formations shift dramatically through an era of incongruent wave frequencies and diametric vocal patterns, movement becomes singularly the most digestible method in delivering global conversation at an expedited rate.  Body language, facial evocations, and syndicated materiality as body-transformation offer specific resilience and prevalence in sharing adaptive technologies in the age of cyborgism. In SINISTER BACKBEND (E3), we envision a new opportunity for re-inventing violence; to brave the emotive and communicative landscape of physicality and materiality. The performance excavates a new track record for the post-gender, deliberating objects and materiality as extensions of omni-presence and human totality. This is our introduction to 6D, a teleuniversal repertoire of syndicated conversation beyond the five senses.

Performance at Susanne Geiss Gallery for BLASTING VOICE, 2012


ELATION 3_Colin Self ELATION 3_Colin Self 1 ELATION 3_Colin Self 2

Footage by Matthew Salton, Trebuchet. Courtesy, The Suzanne Geiss Company.

Performance at The Sullivan Galleries for The Great Refusal: Taking On Queer Aesthetics

 Colin Self Sinister Backbend Colin Self Sinister Backbend 2 Colin Self Sinister Backbend 3

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