Xhoir is a non-utilitarian vocal workshop led by Colin Self focused on alternative modalities of group singing. Rooted in somatic research and experimentation, the goal of Xhoir is to foster a generative environment for individuals to connect with voice and vocality on an individual and collective level. Xhoir is open to anyone interested in exploring their voice as a tool for learning or re-posturing a new relationship to singing and listening. Prior participation in choral or vocal practices is not required, but any prior experience with listening and engaging experimentally in a musical or studio practice is encouraged.

For most Xhoir meetings, we meet primarily at Casa Diva, the home of a queer collective. On occasion we meet in public spaces or at a studio residency. We are currently holding sessions in Berlin, Germany and Brooklyn, New York.

If you are curious or interested in joining a future Xhoir session, please email the following questionnaire to nexttimenyc@gmail.com

1. What is your personal relationship to singing?

2. What is your vocal range (If you know)?

3. A link to a vocal piece you are interested in.

4. A link/recording of your own singing (Optional!).